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Welcome to AffiliateIncomeMantra.com: My Experience with Blogging and Affiliate Marketing!

I’m so glad you found my site and thank you for visiting my ‘About’ page!

My name is JD Bhatala and I’m an Online Entrepreneur – full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, and content marketer. I’ve been in internet marketing for more than a decade and make a living from blogging (including this blog).

I created the AffiliateIncomeMantra.com blog as a way to share my experiences — successes and failures — in all aspects of blogging and affiliate marketing including niche blogging, SEO & link building, content marketing, affiliate programs, landing pages, and conversion rate optimization among others.


I don’t consider myself an internet marketing specialist, expert, guru, or anything like that. Whatever I say here is from my own experiences — whatever I learned and applied in my online marketing endeavors.


What I share on AffiliateIncomeMantra.com are not mere theories, principles, and guidelines. My online marketing methods and techniques are hands-on, practical, and real-life examples of what works and what does not. For instance, I’ll not only say, “write engaging content” or “build relevant links’. Instead, I’ll also tell you “how to create great content” and “how to get quality backlinks”.


I’ll guide you through the process of affiliate marketing, with straightforward and actionable tips, tactics, insights, and strategies, eliminating hassles and bumps in the way of your online success – everything illustrated by my own experiences.

In short,

At AffiliateIncomeMantra.com you will find:

1) In-depth, latest, highly relevant, and practical information on different aspects of digital marketing
2) Proven – actionable and practical how-to guides, tips, tricks, and tactics of blogging, affiliate marketing, and content marketing
3) Honest and unbiased reviews, analysis, and comparison of a variety of affiliate marketing and search marketing tools, products, and services

So here it is: Whatever I learned and applied, for your perusal. And, let’s see what works and what doesn’t.


I won’t lie — Blogging is not my hobby. It’s my profession.

My Personal Story

Someday I’ll share my personal story — full of struggles, ups & downs, and the heydays (well, if you care) 🙂

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To your blogging success,
JD Bhatala, AffiliateIncomeMantra.com

– Last Updated: January 2022.